Aurora Indica Grow Journal: The Harvest

After nearly 18 weeks, the wait is finally over. We’ve harvested our first batch of Aurora Indicas!

Weeks 12-18 were nothing but a waiting game. During this time, all we could do is keep an eye on our plants to make sure that they were staying hydrated, healthy, and continuing to bloom.

We closely monitored the color of the trichomes and the development of pistils on the buds.

When I noticed the leaf colors fading, and the amber pistol hairs making an appearance, I knew it was time to harvest. 

Using fine edge trimmers and non-latex disposable gloves, I began to slowly and carefully trim the buds.

I stored them into a plastic bin, separating the large, fully-formed buds, from the smaller pieces, and other plant material.

We hope you enjoyed following along on this process as we grew Aurora Indica’s from seed to harvest! If you missed any part of the process, you can always catch up on the previous weeks here: