Aurora Indica Grow Journal: Week 10

In week 9 of the Aurora Indica grow, we did some additional defoliation, added a trellis and continued to watch our plants thrive. This week, we’re continuing to closely monitor their progress and make necessary adjustments to keep the grow on track.

Day 59

Now that the plants have been on the flowering light schedule for over a week they’re really starting to get that last stretch before they start focusing all their energy on producing buds. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly those tops shoot up once flowering really kicks in. Having the trellis netting up for this grow makes it very easy to see all the new tops appear. I will have to include a dehumidifier in my tent very soon to avoid mold and pest issues for the flower as well as bud rotting issues. It’s important to keep the RH (humidity) below 65% and the heat in the tent below 80 degrees F. (30 degrees C.).

Day 60

One of the plants is really outstretching the others by a solid 6-8inches which is not ideal for what we’re trying to accomplish.

We want a nice even canopy. So I installed a second trellis net to allow me to start tucking down the tallest tops again and even out the canopy all to around the same 10-inch area from the lowest to the tallest tops.

This way, they’re all getting as close to the same amount of light exposure and we don’t risk burning the tallest buds. This also helps to minimize the amount of popcorn and small buds we harvest. Over the next few days, I’ll continue to increase the bloom nutrients to a full dose, every other feeding.

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