Aurora Indica Grow Journal: Week 11

In week 10 of our Aurora Indica grow, we continued to closely monitor the plant’s progress and make necessary adjustments to keep the grow on track. This week, we’re taking measures to prevent pests and mold, as well as sharing some progress photos of the plants’ incredible growth.

Day 64

I added a dehumidifier into the tent to help keep the overall humidity below 50% for the rest of the flowering stage. This helps prevent the buds from rotting and becoming moldy or attracting mildew.

It also helps to keep pests away since they tend to prefer more humid environments. This phase is usually the one that attracts pests the most. We also added the Fox Farms Bloom nutrients to the feeds including Open Sesame, Beastie Blooms, and Cha-ching.

Here are some progress photos of the plants about half-way through the flowering stage.

Day 65

Since the buds are doing so well, I added in another Spider Farmer QB light into the flower tent. This is going to really help the plants increase the bud mass even more.

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