Aurora Indica Grow Journal: Week 2

If you missed the Week 1 updates, catch up here for the full scoop on how I got the seeds germinated and sprouting.

Day 7

By the first day of week 2, the Aurora Indica seeds were reaching out and begging for more light. I added a standard store-bought 25w LED bulb for some extra light, which seems to have solved the problem. Where the nodes were stretching out from lack of light, the added lamp closed the gap between the nodes, and the plants looked satiated. At this point, the leaves are coming in quickly and are showing no signs of deficiencies or issues. The plan for the rest of the week is to continue to spray them to keep the humidity up in the domes.

Day 9

Plot Twist: I showed a friend some of the Aurora Indica seeds I planted. I was fully under the impression that these were autoflowering seeds, but a day later, he tells me he thinks they’re Photoperiods seeds. I checked my receipt, and sure enough, all the seeds they sent me are Photoperiods, not Autoflowers.

While this was pretty upsetting to hear because I really wanted to grow autotflowers, at least I’ll still have nice Aurora Indica Photoperiods, and I won’t have to worry about putting them through stress. I was already planning on letting this strain grow out on their own with no topping and minimal training, which means I’ll only have to make minimal adjustments to my grow plan.

The new plan: I’ll have to guide the seeds into the flowering phase myself rather than them automatically flowering on their own without a light flip. Overall, I’m still very excited about this grow.

Since week 1, I’ve observed one of the four Aurora Indicas struggling to grow. So I decided to pluck it and instead, germinate an Alaskan Purple Photoperiod seed to grow in its place. I began germinating the new plant today. When I see a tap root, I’ll toss the new seed into the old seedlings cup and continue with the grow as planned.

Day 14

The Alaskan purple photoperiod seed is being germinated and almost ready to join the Aurora Indicas, which we’ve named Things 1,2, and 3. The Alaskan Purp will henceforth be known as “Groot.”

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