Aurora Indica Grow Journal: Week 7

In week 6 of the Aurora Indica grow, we continued to stress train the plants to prepare to move them into the grow tent, where they’ll spend the rest of the grow cycle. In week 7, we adjust some of the plant’s nutrients to put them in a better position to start flowering in the upcoming weeks.

Day 44

Like we mentioned last week, our plants have been showing some signs of nutrient burn. The leaves were still displaying some burnt and crispy tips as well as some leaf spotting and dark shades of green leaves. Last week we did one water flush without adding any more nutrients. After the first flushing, I can already tell the flush is helping correct these nutrient toxicities but for good measure. I’m going to do one more flush of plain dechlorinated two water to really clear out all those excess nutrients and salt built up in the medium. As the plants are going into their 10th week of veg in a few weeks, I’m going to flip the light schedule to flower which is 12 hours on and 12 hours off. This dark period tells the plants it’s time to stop growing leaves and stems and time to start producing buds! I added my second grow light into the tent so they have a total of 400w of full coverage for flower hanging 20-24inches above the tallest tops from each plant.

Day 45

After closer inspection of the plants and some thought, I decided it was time for preflower defoliation. The plants are ready for light penetration to lower branches as well as airflow throughout the canopy. I removed all of the large fan leaves that were blocking the lower branches by simply pinching them off with my fingers. If you don’t want to use your fingers you can also use weed trimming scissors. I’ll give them a week to recover and then flip them into flower.

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