Aurora Indica Grow Journal: Week 8

In week 7 of the Aurora Indica grow, we adjusted the plant’s nutrient intake to get them ready to start flowering. This week, we put the plants through some defoliation techniques to make sure they reach their maximum height before flowering.

Day 50

Earlier in the week, I put the plants through some heavy defoliation. After giving them a few days to recover, I noticed lots of small lower bud sites popping up. I decided to go to try a new method called lollipopping. This technique involves snipping off all lower branches that aren’t at the top canopy level. This allows the plants to focus all their energy on developing the main tops. Once I flip them into flower, it will enable them to develop larger main top buds instead of using that energy to produce a bunch of smaller lower buds that don’t get the same light exposure. In theory, this should increase the overall yield as well as make harvesting that much easier. It also does a great job of freeing up lots of airflow throughout the bottom canopy, which helps to prevent problems like mold.

Day 51

The plants have bounced back from defoliation and all the training we’ve done up to this point. Now that they have reached about the maximum height they’re going to reach during the vegetative stage, I decided it was time to flip them into flowering. I switched their light schedule from 24/7 to 12 hours on 12 hours off. They’re looking happy and healthy and ready to flower!

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