Aurora Indica Grow Journal: Week 9

In week 8 of the grow, we implemented some defoliation techniques to make sure the Aurora Indicas reach their maximum height before switching them into flowering. Now let’s check-in and see how the flowering process is going in week 9.

Day 54

We’re about halfway through the first week of flowering and the plants are looking happy, healthy and SUPER bushy.  I decided to do another defoliation of all the inward hanging fan leaves that were blocking light to the lower, smaller tops. When I finished defoliating the plants, I tied down the branches that were getting close to new tops. This allowed me to spread out the canopy as best as possible to allow the grow lights to better penetrate to the lower layers.

Day 55

I added in a trellis netting to my tent to help spread out the branches and to support the buds from falling over from extra weight (a problem I’ve run into before) This technique is known as SCROG which stands for “screen of green” This strategy was recommended for these two strains by the Seedsman seed bank, whom I purchased the seeds from. Utilizing the seed bank’s recommendations is a great way to get a good feel on what kind of training you should do for this strain without having to go through a bunch of trial and error.

Day 56

Since hanging the trellis netting I have been tucking down the tallest tops using the trellis to try and bring all the tops to the same height.

I’ve also been using the netting to spread out the branches evenly for maximum light penetration. You can really see how the tops have curled back upwards.

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